Internet Friends

The Internet is a weird and wonderful place. It's been just over 1½ years since I've started AlexsLens and I must say I've met so many wonderful people from all over the world. 

More recently I discovered five unique content creators, many I became good friends with quickly which led to further fangirling about the others. But now I can class them as some of my closest friends. 

Their names are, Becky, Rowan, Lydia, Toby and Joanna.  

We were lucky enough to all meet up for the first time as a 'Squad' and I can vouch for everyone that is was one of the best experiences. It's a weird feeling meeting internet friends for the first time because you know so much about them and yet when you meet its the least awkward experience ever. 

The thing I love is that we all make such different and unique content on YouTube so if someone stumbles onto one of the squads videos they are able to view & enjoy all the various style of YouTube videos when exploring the others content - from Comedy to cinematic films, there's something for everyone. 

The day consisted of constant laughter courtesy of Becky, sassy remarks from Lydia, a strong bromance between Rowan & me (#Rolex), amazing Welsh impressions by Joanna and professional drawings from Toby. I can't express how much this day meant to all of us, we all live so far from each other so having this day together has made us appreciate each other a lot more.

And I thank you Internet for bringing us together.